I am a professional institutional investor and creator of The Integrating Investor. My career has spanned both the sell-side and buy-side, with the vast majority of it as an analyst in the corporate bond market—though I did “cut my teeth” in equity research. While I’ve always been a sector specialist, my industry coverage has changed routinely, and at this stage I’ve cycled through a dozen. It’s this broad perspective that I bring to this site.

My investment framework is built upon the integration of observations made across a disparate patchwork of industries, markets, and investment techniques. Note, that what you read is a “work in progress.” I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and am a CFA charterholder.

While my affiliations are not secretive, they have been deliberately omitted. The opinions and views expressed on this site are solely my own and do not reflect those of my current or any former employer. I will always refrain from writing on any topic that may conflict (actual or in appearance) with those of my employer or any other interests I may have.

It’s great to have a medium for working through the complexities of the investment markets. I truly appreciate your readership and look forward to interacting with anyone who shares my fascination with this ultimate puzzle. You can follow me on Twitter @SethLevine2 or on Instagram @theintegratinginvestor.

Thanks for reading and best of luck!