Welcome to The Integrating Investor, a different type of investment market blog.  Rather than create a site dedicated to generating trade ideas – something that many others already excel at – we want to build one focused on digging into the specific issues and events that are driving market trends.  Speaking philosophically, we want to know what a certain market force is in order to determine what we ought to do in order to profit.  We call this our “is-ought” investment approach.

Reality. Reason. Investing:  These are the core tenets that underpin our approach.  Our goal is to uncover potential investment themes (Investing) by more thoroughly examining (Reason) certain complex and abstract issues (Reality) that may be misunderstood or taken for granted by the mainstream consensus.  If we’re lucky, we’ll uncover some variant perceptions and become better investors along the way.

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Also, please be aware that all comments made on The Integrating Investor are expressed personal opinions and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendations to purchase or sell any investment, product or service, nor should the content be relied upon for making investment decisions.  Commentaries are for informational purposes only.  Please do your own work before investing – fundamental, technical, quantitative or whatever your preferred method may be – as any action you take as a result of reading the content of this blog is ultimately your own responsibility.