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Saving Speculation To Improve Investment Returns

Image by Manuel from Pixabay Speculation’s a dirty word for investors. It conjures images of reckless, degenerate gamblers, thoughtlessly buying and selling securities on whims and tips, hoping to strike it big; and fast. Contrast this to investing. Investing is perceived as thoughtful, careful, patient, and productive. Despite the resemblance to speculation, investors play mental..

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How I Process Ideas Into Investments

Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay Investing is incredibly hard. Mapping observations to security price movements is complex to say the least. Often, the relationships governing these moves are unknown. Yet, this is the investor’s task. I’ve used this blog as a tool for exploring some of these connections. It’s been incredibly rewarding. Not only has..

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Disintegrated Thoughts: ECB Volatility, Business Building, Speculation, & Judo

Image source: pixabay   For this post, I’d like to offer a few “Disintegrated Thoughts” on some things I’ve been thinking about in the investment markets.  These include: The ECB and volatility deleveraging Business building and ignoring valuations Sticking up for “speculation” Notes from the judo mat A spontaneously “live” ECB meeting and volatility deleveraging..

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